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We have a purpose:
customers always will be first!
Do you need rapid PCB prototyping and PCB assembly with quick turn around times?

After 12 years of development, quick turn around PCB fabrication and PCB assembly will be handled in a perfect manufacturing and after-sale service. Customers from different industries such as engineers, assemblers, designers and so on; some of them represent companies, big or small, some are individuals. They all depend on us for their mission-critical PCBs, PCB prototype, and PCB assembly. We have a purpose: customers will always be first!

Because we have own factory, we can save a lot of commissions for you. We can answer your requests and requirement professionally and directly. We do not need other PCB houses’ information. You can check your PCB materials and current order status with your own account on our website system. When you have some urgent changes, you can tell us directly.

PCB Quick Turn Around Times Fast PCB Assembly Service
24 hours (Customs Clearance:1 day) 24 hours (Customs Clearance:1 day)
48 hours 48 hours
72 hours 72 hours
Get an expeditious service with PCBGOGO

You can easily make your own online quote now on our website. However, if you have any question, you can send your information to us via email: <a href="mailto:service@pcbgogo.jp">service@pcbgogo.jp</a>. or contact us via Skype : <a href="mailto:service@pcbgogo.jp">service@pcbgogo.jp</a>. We guarantee customer satisfaction for all clients. Place your very first order today!

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